Sunday, December 7, 2008

Amigos y Amigas, la presenta mi Esposa!!

Well it's been awhile since I wrote...been pretty busy I might ad...July 06 saw Tischa arrive....July 08 saw the kids arrive...Darien decided to try living with his mom for a while..don't think it's going to well for him....and sadly his pride won't allow him to ask to come home.

Anyhoooo....Kids went back in August...Tischa decided to stay on and on October 11,2008 WE WERE MARRIED!!! see pictures below.....

My mom came from Edmonton, her mom came from Mexico city...Darien also was in fact he and Tristan were both my best man (S)

Chill Rellenos, Halambre and Tacos dorados...accompiened with cabbage rolls, perogies and, was all very good!

Darien and Tristan, Myself, Tischa and her mother all pitched in to cook the feast!

Vincent (moms boyfriend) brought scotch...we drank Margaritas and cooked Mexican food for the guest...a small affair it turned to 30 people very quickly!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In for a for a pound!

6 Days and Tischa arrives....2 days later Karen and Uriel and possiblliy Bonofaciao (the puppy) as wll...I'm in all the way far it feels great! no red flags...I feel confidence in this even inspite of the 180 degree shift in family dynamics...I'll keep ya's shaping up to be a good summer.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Spanish Inquisition

sooooooo...where were we? ahhh is all coming back to me.

Now you have to understand....none of the men in the Aguilar family know I exisit...all the WOMEN know though, and I am and have been the topic of much discussion. did I tell you that although the family IS run by the men...there is a significant amount of power held by the women in this family? no? well I just did...all of them have degrees and are well educated...teachers, bankers, engineers...the women seem to even hold the balance of power...yet it is not totaly a matriarchal regime...just mostly.

Off we go to Queretero, where older sister (Maricella) and husband (Patricio) have cancelled their plans to attend the birthday party of Patricios best friend Bernardo in order to receive Tischa and her new Canadian according to Tischa...Maricella had to gently break him into the fact that I have been a bit of a fixture in Tischa life since January.........

The phone starts ringing at 5:30 am Saturday...seems that I'm a sensation here...the call is from Senora Lucilia (Tischas mom) calling from the bus depot in Mexico city...asking "where am I going? to Leon or to Queretero to see this man of yours? sister Yazmin then calls and after that Maricella calls to tell us that Patricio has cancelled the birthday party in order to receive us at his home (eeeep!) Mama Lucilia heads for Queretero...we head for Queretero, Patricio and Maricella are in Queretero... and Queretero is where I am to meet my destiny...

I was received with a warm welcome...a beer was given to me...hand shakes, introductions and hugs were the order of the day...quite nice, quite polite. the women head for the kitchen, Pato and I to the back yard to start the not propane..but real honest to goodness charcoled mesquite branches from the villagers in the hills (no shit amigos)....more beer, nice conversation...I like this guy.

Dinner was carne asada, chorizo, quesdillas w/asagio cheeze and salad...and tons of it I might add and absolutley delicious, I brought a bottle of BC ice wine as a gift, which went over fantastic,as they have never tasted anything like it. dishes are being cleared and Senora Lucilia is quiet...too quiet in it starts.

questions are being asked about our plans, jobs, intentions how can this be? you are from dfifferent cultures, will you look after my daughter. Pato starts in and for the next hour and a half I am scrutinized by the family... I am speaking a good deal of spanish as well...Tischa is pale but doing a damn good job of interperating so that NOTHING is lost in the translation. I answer honestly and with confidence, I tell them that there is a risk...a calculated risk yes, but a risk just the same as nothing in life is certain. Pato suddenly shifts and becomes an ally instead of the inquisitor as he explains to his mother in law that our intentions are honorable and that he feels good about this. At this point, each member addresses me personally and have their say and voice their opinion...Pato is the last...he stands and then embraces me and says "mi casa et su casa mi compadre" you are one of us and we welcome you. I have just been accepted into an extended family and I am honored!!

At this point the tequilla comes out...the 15 year old vintage he is pouring he asks..." you have a nickname? (Mexicans are HUGE on nicknames) I smile and say oh yes Pato (means Duck) I do have a nickname it is Osito (Teddybear)...I thought he and the rest of the family were going to die laughing(I tower over at least 6.5 inches),we laugh...we drink...we toast each other...we toast ourselves...we drink some more..Pato even cajoles the Senora to have a of the Senora sitting on my knee and toasting me with tequilla (she's 74 years old!) it is fiesta time, it is a celebration.

We miss our bus back to Leon by 10 min...Pato looks at me and says "well compadre, want to go to a birthday party? Off we go to his best friends Bernardos house, whose wife Rossi has thrown him a surprise birthday party...I am introduced by Pato as his little sisters boyfirend from Canada...more hugs...more handshakes more "mi casa st su casa" from Bernardo and his family...and of course more drinks...we get back to Leon around 3:00 am

Does anybody get to do this kind of stuff? Holy a million years I would have never been able to even GUESS that this shit would be happening to life has had its many many bumps...and drops and there were times that it downright sucked! There were times that were rich with happiness and humour..and if life experiences were worth money, I'd be the richest man in the world....yet as I hit the rewind button on my life, I realize that I may very well be the richest man in the world it has been one hell of a ride and I am lucky to have been on that ride...few get to have such experiences I am truly blessed.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ya just had to be there....really!

Well my plane from Dallas was late, so I emailed Tischa to let her know "I'd be meeting her on the net just a" leetle beet later" than our usual 10:00 pm (we talk on skype dailey you see) but little did she know that I at that very moment she was reading the email from Dallas..that her amor, her hombre was streaking through the night on AA778 on it's way to Leon Mexico where destiny and unrequited love were to meet in a head on collison! (ooooh...I write soooo good after a scotch or three).

I landed around 10:45...grabbed a taxi gave the driver the Address #220 condesa de la Rocofort and off we went into the night...right?...nope...he looked at me and then asked me...where is this place? Jeezuz! I live in chilliwack and he expects me to know the geographical location and grid coordinates for this street address? After consulting on three occaisons with two taxi drivers and a police man..(riiiight...I forgot this is Mexico...where all things are possible) we got to her house, paid the driver and knocked on the door.....the bedroom light came on...she opened the window and in a very tired voice asked "bueno?" I replied....buenos noches senora...tengo sed...tienes cervesa por favor? I thought she was going to fall out of the balcony when she realized who I was....!!! laughing crying surprise excitment all packaged into one this you have to see to bealive...kinda like a tornado...the same emotion one might feel when being notified that they won the lottery. It was good...she was happy...I was happy all was right with the world.

check the next installments...this gets pretty good as we go along....did I mention I was in love with this woman? Yup! I am!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ahhh...What The Hell!

On my way to Leon Mexico!! Tischa does not know I am arriving...all she knows is that she will be receiving a bouquet of flowers and that she needs to be at home Thursday between 1 and 3 pm.

What she doesn't know is that it will be me delivering said flowers....Does anyone ever get to live a scene out of a movie? I am sooooo excited by this!!

Whats really cool is that I've pretty much kept this to myself...Darien and Tristan know...Greg does as well, guys at work, mom, my family all were in the dark until last night...bascally I wanted this trip to be on a need to know exercise for myself...hope nobody takes it personal...but those that do need to know...have been informed....reactions were pretty cool too!

Pictures when I'm there.....Mexico twice in one year...can you DIG it?

Sunday, March 30, 2008


An old saying from the middle east, set into terms meso-american.....should you be unable to enter into the one world...let the one world enter into you and fill you.

Well my friends...that is what has now happened...Tischa against all better judgment and rules largely dictated by the culture she lives in, bravely boarded flight AA330 from Leon Mexico and made the trip to Vancouver, BC...this in order to see what the future may hold for both of us (together). You see we only had a finite amount of time in Mexico...2 days to be exact and there was no time for any intimate contact of any kind...but a connection was made nevertheless. Was a good idea in Mexico on a holiday still going to be a good idea back at home in my normal life? with is normal day to day grind? would the test of time (3 months) see us still feeling that connection? What would her family and friends think of this nonsense? (my family and friends would support me 150% ...not much surprise there, but was overwhelmed this last two weeks with just how much support we that wasn't an issue). and the distance....Madre de Dios! you should see my friggen phone bill even with YAK communications helping out!!

Plans were made, then remade and then made again, we spoke everynight after we left San Miguel...Greg started teasing me, but soon gave up as he started getting emmersed in phone calls and text messages every night from Cindy...not to much he could say to me was there? and then we spoke every single night when I returned home (see above re: phone bill)...the more we spoke and shared the more the connection grew stronger and the idea seemed better and better. The trip was booked for 5 days...then we decided 5 days wasn't turned to 10

My friends Joss and Feenie told me that after all of the nervousness and butterflys and "what if " thoughts...wheni went to pick Tischa up at the airport...once I saw her I would "know" right then and there without doubt.

I waited and waited...I saw her and yes I knew without doubt that I not only was the idea sane...I was falling hopelssly for her! thank you to Joss and Feenie for this sage bit of advice.

The last 10 days have been great...Easter weekend saw us doing the "holiday activities" days off, Manning park, drinking wine, Harrison hot Springset al...Monday through thueday were work days...normal day to day stuff...Hockey game on tuesday night...rented movies...cooked dinner, growing closer. Tischa had appointments at Douglas College (she has a masters degree and a degree in international trade relations) that look very promising...must be as they decided to call me in as well for a breakfast meeting (??).

Today is day one without her in my life, she has returned back to The One World and my heart aches, plans have been made for her to return to me and BC in July, for the summer....her kids as well as we both think it may be a good idea to have both sets meet...compatability now is far Darien and Tristan seem excited by the prospect...we'll see. I did receive a text message this she was quite nervous about speaking with her mother on this subject she knew she had upon arriving in Mexico city last night...the first thing she did was speak with Mom...who totally understood and gave her the support! Green lights everywhere..Desitny possibly? those who know me, this may seem a bit fast yes? I at times think so too! but as fast as this is going, there have been absolutley NO obstacles...NONE!, NADA! everytime we think of an idea...the door opens and we are INVITED in...I shit you not my friends...I have found this more times than not very eerie, so as doors open I enter (damn the torpedeos full steam ahead I always say..although thoughout my life it ended with varying results!).

I think this may end the Tour de Azteca Blog...and another blog may pop up to give you readers my further adventures...2009 may see Darien in Japan at the JKA World Karate champioships, 2011 hopefully will see Greg and myself (and our families once again in the Heart of the one World at Palenque witnessing the end of the world...I myself know that trips to Mexico will be a part of me and the boys lives now...and hopefully another Visionquest with Greg down the Amazon river is being discussed...possibly 2013 or 2014. I will keep you posted.

Mi casa es su casa, mi corazone es su corazone...


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hey! this just in!'s been a a bit of news to those who are stillreading this.

Been in contact with Leticia over the last little while, and remember when I told you she was coming for a visit? Supposed be from MAr 20-26....she/we has since decided that maybe a few extra days wouldn't she'll be leaving not on the 26th as planned but on the 29 or 30th...WOW!! thinks me in trouble...the good kind of I'm really anticipating and getting excited about this meeting and holiday with her...then if all works good...I'll be back in Mexico in August on that free ticket I got.

By the way, for those who are in the know...The irony of how that ticket came to me is absolutley delicious!!

There will be more pix being posted...these will be of her time in the frozen soon kiddies!